Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This and That

I'm playing catch up today on our blog. I have been working just as hard as ever. I love visiting my little patients and feel so blessed to have such a good job. Jared just finished finals week and has been spending his Summer break renovating the basement (pictures soon). We have both been staying super busy with our church callings in the young womens and scouts. Below are all the photos of what we have been up to lately.

We were able to spend some time as a family up in Island Park. We rode snowmobiles up to this neat waterfall. It was super cold! but fun

All the kids and significant others at the Lewis' Cabin in Island Park

Enjoying the Christmas lights in Roy (We just came from an ugly sweater party, this isn't Jared's usual fashion)

Christmas Morning

This was my favorite Christmas present and such a surprise! Jared bought me wedding bands for my ring.

The Stokes at my parents Christmas Day

I guess my mom thinks we all cook and clean..... ?

Our sweet little pug Penny had puppies in January. This is the morning before she had them. Poor thing had 8 puppies in her!

Penny's little puppies, 3 of the 8 passed away unfortunately but the other 5 went to good homes. We loved having all these little puppies. This is right after she had them they were so dark when they were born but they lightened up and looked like little mini Penny's running everywhere.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yesterday, Jared and I celebrated our 2 yr wedding anniversary! We celebrated by finishing some Christmas shopping, going to dinner and seeing Tangled. During dinner we talked about our favorite memories of our Wedding Day. We've had so much fun and done so many things in these short 2 years and we can't wait for many more. We took some family photos to commemorate the event.
The puppies were fighting over a bone, I couldn't get Montey to take it out of his mouth...Penny was so jealous of it....

....Then Penny grabbed the bone from Montey and he was pretty mad....

I'm a little behind on posting pictures, Jared celebrated his Birthday in September. He was so excited for his new mountain bike. We went for a bike ride right after he got it and he was so sweet to let me ride it. I hadn't been on it for 5 minutes when I crashed it into the road trying to dodge a spider I saw coming down from a tree. He was nice enough to check on me first instead of the bike, no real harm done....

24 Candles on a Cupcake, quite the fire hazard..

Just a last little update on what's new with us..... Jared is finishing up with finals this week and we're so excited to have a little break to celebrate the Holidays. I recently left my job at Manor Care and just started with a hospice company as their social worker. I'm liking it a lot. The stress is way less and Jared says I've become a nicer person. We think Penny is expecting puppies... the vet told me to bring her in the end of December to find out but I would definitely put money on it. Her little titties have quadrupled in size and she's become a little pudgier than normal. We feel so blessed in our lives and love our little family so much.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everybody. -Cami and Jared

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Comes To an End

Our Summer recently came to an end. Jared started school again a few weeks ago. He recently transferred to The U where he is studying biomedical engineering. I felt like a proud mom send my little boy off to his first day of school. He packed his backpack the night before and we went shopping for school supplies. It was so cute. As for me, just doing the same old, work, work work. Things are good at the hospital and the nursing home. I love my patients and I love what I do, but the stress level is very high. It is rewarding and I know I make a difference so that's why I keep at it. We've had a lot of fun this Summer. We went to Moab the first part of the Summer and recently ended things off with a trip to Lava and Bear Lake (no pictures of that, forgot the camera).

Good little Montey, enjoying the wind in his hair

4-Wheeling in Moab

Jared had a great idea to have a Birthday party for Montey.
I adopted him the middle of June, I can't remember if it's 2 or 3 yrs,
it feels like he's always been a part of our little family.

We had fun at the Pioneer Days Parade with Holly and her family.
(Love Penny's face in this one).

For Labor Day we went on a hike with Jared's family and then had a BBQ afterward.

Poor little Penny couldn't come hiking. She has bad lungs and me and Jared have to carry her if we walk more than a block.
I'm excited for Fall to come. This is my favorite time of the year.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom's Graduation

This past weekend we spent the day up in Logan celebrating Nina's Birthday and my mom's graduation from college. It was super fun. My mom started college about the same time I did and I loved getting together with her for lunch and inbetween classes. It was great to run into your mom in the library. I definitely miss those days. We're so proud of her. She got into graduate school and will be starting this fall. She also got some kind of teaching fellowship and will teach English up at Utah State. I know she'll be an awesome teacher. Way to go Mom!

Our whole family, including all my mom's brothers, sisters, and my grandparents got together at Iron Gate Grill for lunch before graduation.

Just Emma and me...

My Cute Mom

We finished the day off at Maddox celebrating Nina's birthday. I love my cute parents and all the fun we had hanging out with the whole family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend at the Cabin

This last weekend we were able to get away for a much needed little get away to my aunt and uncle's cabin up at Schofield Lake. The ride up was not so cool, Montey threw up in my lap twice! You think I would have learned the first time and made him sit on the floor, but he just has those cute little puppy dog eyes and I felt so bad that he was sick. So, I'm sitting over there dry heaving, covered in half-digested puppy chow while Jared was pouring Sprite on me to try to get rid of the smell.
Once we got to the cabin we had a great time. All day Saturday we spent ice fishing. I've never been before and considered not going, I was just positive I was going to fall through the ice. Walking out over the lake, the snow we were walking on kept cracking and you would sink down into water. I was pretty freaked out until they started cutting holes to fish in, after that I realized we were standing on 3-4 ft. of ice. It was super fun and great to spend time with the family.

This is one of the fish we caught

The Jareds trying to drill a hole in the ice

I was trying to make a snow chair to relax in,
apparently we were supposed to bring chairs with us....

Jared tried to sled down the hill on a
shovel and didn't make it too far....

It was tons of fun, hopefully next time we'll
catch some fish big enough to eat!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Night out with the girls

Not much new has been going on here lately. We've just been working and trying to find some extra time to play. Jared stays super busy with school, work and scouts. I am lucky enough to teach primary now. I love the things the kids come up with. They're so funny, they're like my old people at work. They say the things that everybody else is thinking but nobody else dares to say. Last week in the middle of the lesson one little girl raised her hand and said, are you almost done talking yet? Obviously they don't find me that interesting. My first lesson I had to teach was on the law of chastity. Talk about pressure, I asked the kids, can anybody tell me what chastity is. I teach ages 8-11 so I thought they definitely have to know what chastity is.... that's a negative... they had no clue. How do I explain that to them? One kid was all confused and kept calling it the law of chocolate. I referred them to their moms and dads and just skipped it altogether.

I was finally able to find some time away from work and go out with the girls. Me, Hollie and Jess went to PF Changs in Salt Lake and caught up. It was super fun. I miss the care free days when we all used to hang out all night.

Me and Hollie

Me and Jess

The rest are just some random pictures
I found of us together over the last few years.

This is Jess on Halloween a few years ago,
when we used to work at Sonora...

This is the night Jared and I got engaged. We were all up hiking (minus Jared, he refused to skip class) on the way down we started running into all these signs that said sweet things about some girl. I was like, oh thats nice of someone, I think someone's proposing. I think it was Katie that was like, maybe it's Jared and I was like, no way he would never skip class. But, apparently he did....